Clay Building Block Craft

This clay building block craft is a fun way to use Model Magic air dry clay and silicone molds to create a fun picture. It’s a great craft to do with a group of kids of any age. Additionally, this craft utilizes fine motor skills and creativity of the crafter. Clay Building Block Craft Supply List Let’s Begin! The first […]

Clay Fish Aquarium Craft

If you were looking for a fun craft to do with your kids and use Model Magic, this is the one for you. This clay fish aquarium craft utilizes Model Magic and silicone molds. It is also a great way to teach fine motor skills. Clay Fish Aquarium Craft Items List Here is a list of items that are needed […]

DIY Acrylic Pen or Brush Holder

This DIY acrylic pen or brush holder is an easy project to do. It really transforms this plain acrylic holder to something that can be very fancy or very trendy. Use this holder for pens, make-up brushes or just use to organize your desk top. Gather Your Supplies To begin with, I am going to list the items needed to […]

DIY Mystical Fairy House Craft

DIY Mystical Fairy House Craft. This is a fun craft to do with kids. It will keep them busy using the different molds to create the dimensional items they want on their house. I painted my project, but using markers is also an option too. Let’s Get Started with the Mystical Fairy House Craft Here is a list of items […]

DIY Kid’s Cupcake Craft

This DIY kid’s cupcake craft project which creates cupcakes and a cupcake stand are a really fun project to create with kids at a party, school or home. I have shown you some examples of how to decorate the “frosting”, but feel free to get creative and use different items or ideas that you have on hand. Here are the […]