Adding Dimension to a Canvas Print

Adding dimension to a canvas print is such an easy thing to do, but might also make you nervous. Not knowing how the transformation will turn out, might make you hesitant to change a picture you purchased at the store. Most likely, the results will be terrific. First, chose a picture from a craft store or thrift store or maybe […]

Horse Rock Craft (Clay Rocks!)

Horse Rock Craft is so fun to make! I was inspired by rock art I had seen on the internet. However, I wanted to make one using something lighter weight than a rock. I needed something that would be easy and kid friendly. I chose to use Model Magic air dry clay. It turned out really great. You can take […]


Terracotta Fairy House was a blast to make. Using the DAS air dry clay was so easy to use. It worked well in the silicone molds. I will definitely be making other projects like this one again. Items you will need for this project: Creating the silicone shapes for your terracotta fairy house The first thing to do is decide […]

Ice Cream Cardboard Cutout Makeover

Ice Cream Cardboard Cutout Makeover is a terrific way to bring life back to a cardboard cutout that has been faded in the sun. This cardboard cutout sits in the front window of my ice cream shop. The original colors were subtle, but did really fade out. Here is the original cutout. I don’t remember where I purchased it from. […]

DIY Whimsical Beaded Necklace

DIY Whimsical Beaded Necklace was a fun craft to create. This craft started with wanting to try to use resin in a fun way. Making the large pieces for the necklace was fun, but also picking out the embellishments that went on the necklace too was a fun challenge. Project Materials FOR DIY WHIMSICAL BEADED NECKLACE: Let’s Start with Resin […]

Fake Bake Cake

Welcome to my first Fake Bake Cake! I had a blast making this fake bake cake. It is use as a display in my Ice Cream Shop for birthday parties! Which is why it has an ice cream theme. It was so fun to put together. Just keep adding different pieces until you think it looks ok. It is just […]

Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media

Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media is so much fun! I love bringing dimension to canvases. Air dry clay and hot glue shapes are terrific additions to this craft. Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media supply list: Draw your cats Step one in making the Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media, is to draw the cats on the canvas board. I just free-hand […]

DIY Acrylic Organizer

DIY acrylic organizer is a really neat way to make a plain acrylic storage item look so cute. I have a few different organizers that I am going to show you how to decorate in this BLOG. The different acrylic pieces I used were a pencil holder, a make-up tray and regular tray. DIY Acrylic Holder Supply List: DIY Acrylic […]

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft is a new way that I have been creating painting crafts for the birthday parties that I do at my Ice Cream Shop. I was trying to think of a way to add dimension to a flat painting. Originally, I started with adding the cardstock piece on the front. Then, I moved to using silicone molds […]

DIY Craft Make-Up Tray

To begin with, here is the story on this DIY craft make-up tray. Scrolling through the internet, I saw the silicone molds and just had to have them. However, I needed to come up with a something to do with them. So, I created my own make-up tray to hold the cute make-up shapes. This tray turned out really cute […]