Horse Rock Craft (Clay Rocks!)

Horse Rock Craft (Clay Rocks!)

Horse Rock Craft is so fun to make! I was inspired by rock art I had seen on the internet. However, I wanted to make one using something lighter weight than a rock. I needed something that would be easy and kid friendly. I chose to use Model Magic air dry clay. It turned out really great. You can take this same idea and create a different scene.

Horse Rock Craft (Clay Rocks!) project supply list

  • Model Magic air dry clay – Here is my Amazon referral link
  • Wood Circle – Here is my Amazon referral link
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Adhesive – Tacky Glue
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Small twig (optional)
  • Yarn

Let’s start this craft!

The first step in the Horse Rock Craft, is to draw out your picture. Trace the wood circle on a piece of paper, then sketch out the picture you want on your circle. I did this because I wanted to make sure it would look ok and also because I needed to make a few of these crafts for a craft group. After I was happy with my sample drawing, I took a piece of carbon paper and traced the drawing onto the wood circles.

Next, take the air dry clay and condition it a little bit before it is used. Then, tear off a piece of the clay and shape it to fit each “rock” on the drawing. Gently press the clay on the wood circle, covering up the drawing lines that were just traced. Once the clay is the size that is needed, glue it to the wood circle. Continue this process until the drawing is covered up and you like how it turned out.

For the grass, take any extra clay pieces and cut them with a scissors and glue them to the wood circle. Remember that the clay pieces are suppose to look like rocks or pebbles, so try your best to shape them to look like a rock.

Don’t forget to save some clay for the heart towards the top of the circle.

Time to paint!

The next step in the Horse Rock Craft, is to paint it. Acrylic paint will work just fine. Waiting for the clay to dry is not necessary. Go ahead and paint it right away. Mixing a few different colors together, will give it a more natural look.

If you want, take a twig and glue it to the left side of the circle to look like a branch. Dab some green paint near the branch to look like leaves. As an option, I clipped small pieces of red yarn and glued them to the circle, to look like flowers. Just painting a branch, leaves and flowers is also an option.

Next, clip some pieces of yarn for the horses main. Glue the yarn on after the horse is painted.

Background finishing touches

The background can be left plain or dab on some color. I took a little bit of blue and added water to it and dabbed it around to look like the sky.

For my projects, I try to use color on the entire surface. The reason is because, I make them for kids to complete at craft parties. I like to show them that it is ok to color/decorate the whole surface.

Punch the hole at the top of the circle. I used my Crop-A-dile to punch the hole. It worked wonderfully. Here is my Amazon referral for the Crop-A-dile Then, I aded the pipe cleaner to hang it from.

This craft was so fun. It is great for a large age range. You can create any design you want. The project is very light weight. I encourage you to try it

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