Terracotta Fairy House was a blast to make. Using the DAS air dry clay was so easy to use. It worked well in the silicone molds. I will definitely be making other projects like this one again.

Items you will need for this project:

Creating the silicone shapes for your terracotta fairy house

The first thing to do is decide what molds you want to use and where you want everything to be placed. In this project, the pots were turned upside down and made to look like a house. Next take the silicone mold of your choice. Then tear off a piece of the clay and press it into the mold. Use the end of a paint brush to help get the clay in the molds, but using pressure will work too.

Then gently remove the clay form the mold. I am not sure the proper way to make the clay stick to the pot, but I took a paint brush and dipped it a cup of water and brushed it on the clay and then put the clay on the pot. Gently press the sides of the clay to stick to the pot. Continue to brush the clay with a little bit of water to encourage the clay to stick to the pot.

Continue to add the pieces to the Terracotta Fairy House pot until you are happy with how it looks. Remember to gently press the shape on and still try not to flatten the shape you just made with the silicone. For the chimney, just take a chunk of clay and shape it in the shape of a chimney. Add lines to look like brick. Then just use the paint brush and brush water on the chimney and gently press it on the roof. Let the pot dry, at least overnight. I did have 2 pieces fall off of the pot when I checked it the next day. Use E6000 to adhere the clay piece back onto the pot.

Paint the Terracotta Fairy House.

Time to paint your terracotta fairy house pots. Use a thin paint brush and start with the background first. Meaning the actual pot. Move on to paint all other pieces, and leave the grass around the bottom for last. The reason why, is because this is where your hand will be most of the time holding the pot.

Acrylic paints will work just fine to paint with. Apply a clear coat on the everything when finished.

The terracotta fairy house is a fun project that can be made on any terracotta pot. The theme can change to anything you want or to match the silicone molds that you have on hand. It turns out really cute.