Fake Bake Cake

Fake Bake Cake

Fake Bake Cake

Welcome to my first Fake Bake Cake!

I had a blast making this fake bake cake. It is use as a display in my Ice Cream Shop for birthday parties! Which is why it has an ice cream theme. It was so fun to put together. Just keep adding different pieces until you think it looks ok. It is just so much fun to make.

Here is a list of items I used to make the Fake Bake Cake:

  • 2 different size styrofoam cake dummies.
  • 2 square styrofoam blocks – I got mine at Dollar Tree
  • Silicone molds –
  • Lightweight Spackling – Here is my Amazon referral link for the only spackling I recommend using:
  • Foam craft noodles – They look like packing peanuts, but colorful – Here is my Amazon referral link to some that are similar to what I used:
  • Paper straws – Here is my Amazon referral link for some:
  • Yarn to make cotton candy – I got mine at Hobby Lobby. Yarn Bee brand
  • Styrofoam cone – Here is my Amazon referral link for some:
  • Plaster of Paris – Here is my Amazon referral link:
  • Sliver Glitter
  • Pastry Bag & Tip
  • Clear acrylic sealer – Here is my Amazon referral link for the one I used:
  • Hot Glue
  • Tacky Glue
  • Wood Skewers
  • Small styrofoam ball
  • E600

Prep your accessory items

First thing to do to make the Fake Bake Cake is to make the items that will go on the cake. I will briefly explain what I did to make the accessories. The plaster pieces need to be made so they can dry. It takes a few days for the plaster to dry completely. Read the instructions on the bag and mix accordingly. One tip I did read somewhere was add a little extra plaster to make sure there are fewer air bubbles. I also suggest tapping the molds on the table gently to get any air bubbles out.

Move quickly when working with plaster. Have your molds out and ready with the craft sticks there to put in the molds after you pour in the plaster. After 24 hours, take the plaster out of the molds and continue to air dry. I took sand paper and sanded my plaster items down just a little bit, to smooth them out.

Next for the little ice cream mold. I used it two ways with both pouring plaster in it and also putting the air dry clay in it too. When using the air dry clay, condition the clay first by tearing it and squishing it up. Then put it in the silicone mold. Sometimes the clay does not want to come out of the mold nicely, just set the mold in the freezer for a few minutes. It will harden the clay and it will come out the mold nicer.

After the plaster and clay pieces are dry, it is time to paint them. I added polymer clay sprinkles to the ice cream cones and the spiral shape ones too. I topped them all off with a clear sealer.

Foam Craft Peanuts into Gum Drops

Here is what I did. I cut them in half. I used the clear sealer on them, then I sprinkled them in glitter. They shrunk when they dried and they look just like gun drops. It is so neat what they did. I have to say though, that I think there was a strange chemical reaction with this process. It gave off a smell. I did not smell it, but others who walked into the warehouse did. So, maybe you want to do this part of the project outside. I love how they look when completed and would do them again, outside.

Making Cotton Candy for the Fake Bake Cake.

Take the paper straws and the yarn and wrap the yarn around the straw and it will look like cotton candy. First kinda spread out or fluff the yarn. Put a dab of hot glue on the straw and start wrapping the fluffed yarn around the straw. When you have enough yarn on the stick, end with a dab of hot glue again to keep the yarn from unraveling. Next, I took a wood skewer and put it in the straw flat side first, pointy side down, and added a dab of glue. Then you can use the pointy side to stick in the styrofoam cake.

Get the Cake Dummies Ready

I chose 2 different sizes of cake dummies or round pieces of styrofoam. One smaller than the other. There are many ways to decorate your cake rounds. One way is to cover them in clay, air dry or foam clay. Another way is to paint them. I chose to paint them and top them off with glitter. I then took the air dry clay, rolled it out and cut the wavy pattern and adhered them with tacky glue to the top of the cake rounds. I also took the acrylic sealer and painted it on the clay to give it a nice shine. For the square styrofoam pieces, I painted them and added glitter and the air dry clay too. All of the pieces were different colors.

Making Large Ice Cream Cones

For the large ice cream cones, take the styrofoam cones and make a paper cover for them. I laid the cone on a piece of paper and traced the shape with a pen. Cut out the cone cover shape and glue it to the cone. Next I took a skewer and put it in the cone so I can stick it in the cake. Also, I left some of the skewer on the top of the cone and added a small styrofoam ball. This will help keep the ‘ice cream’ shape.

Now it’s time for the ‘ice cream’. First take the lightweight spackling and put some in a disposable bowl. Add the color of paint you want to use to get the color of ice cream you want and mix it together. I also added some brown polymer clay sprinkles to look like chocolate chips. Take an ice cream scoop and scoop up some of the spackling and put on top of the cone. Use a craft stick to make the ice cream look like how you want it to look. (Please make sure you do not use that ice cream scoop for food.)

Let’s assemble this Fake Bake Cake!

The first step to assemble the Fake Bake Cake is to get a plate or cardboard round that you can put the cake on. I chose one that I found at the Dollar Tree Store. I did not glue it to the plate, but you certainly can. I took the larger cake round and set it on the plate. Next I took 4 skewers and broke them off at the correct height needed to join the 2 cake rounds. Then I put some tacky glue on the cake round, stuck the skewers in the round and put the smaller round on top of the larger one. Be careful not to poke the skewers through the top of the smaller cake round. Do the same thing for the two square foam pieces too.

Add the “Frosting”

The next step is to add the ‘frosting” to the Fake Bake Cake. This is the light weight spackling. Use the piping bag and tip and fill the bag with the spackling. Squeeze the spackling out just like you would real frosting. It is harder to squeeze than real frosting, but still a very neat process. Make sure you wipe out your piping tip when you are done, because the spackling will harden. (Please make sure you do not use that piping tip for food.) I added the spackling to the top of the cake rounds where I glued the air dry clay onto, to help cover up the seam. I then added polymer clay sprinkles.

Ready – Set – Decorate!

The next step is the fun step. Add all of the cute pieces you made. Just keep adding until you feel you have added enough items to your fake bake cake. Turn your cake around and make sure all sides look perfect. I also added the circles you see at the bottom of the cake. They are air dry clay pieces shaped like a disk. I then painted them and/or added the polymer clay sprinkles. I used E600 to adhere them to the cake.

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