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Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media

Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media

Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media is so much fun! I love bringing dimension to canvases. Air dry clay and hot glue shapes are terrific additions to this craft.

Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media supply list:

Draw your cats

Step one in making the Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media, is to draw the cats on the canvas board. I just free-hand drew on the cats. Start with drawing the ears. Do not draw the face, leave a space and then draw the body and tail. The shapes are very simple. Next, draw some stripes on the cats.

For the faces, take the Model Magic clay and condition it to warm it up and make it a bit more pliable. Tear off a chunk the size of a rock. Next roll the clay and form the rock shape. Flatten it and make sure it is smooth. Glue the clay to the canvas. E6000 or hot glue can be used.

It’s time for the dragon flies! Take the dragon fly silicone molds and fill them with hot glue. Let them cool completely and then remove them from the mold. Use hot glue to glue the dragon flies to the top the canvas.

The time has arrived! Painting! Paint the whole canvas. The paint really brings out the details in the dragon fly. When the paint was dry, outline the cats with a black marker and drew the faces on the cats. Next, it is time to punch holes in the canvas, I use a Crop-A-Dile to punch them. It is such a terrific hole punching/eyelet setting tool. Here is my Amazon referral link to it.

Add the pipe cleaner and beads to the top to hang the Kid’s Cat Craft Mixed Media project from.

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