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DIY Acrylic Organizer

DIY Acrylic Organizer

DIY acrylic organizer is a really neat way to make a plain acrylic storage item look so cute. I have a few different organizers that I am going to show you how to decorate in this BLOG.

The different acrylic pieces I used were a pencil holder, a make-up tray and regular tray.

DIY Acrylic Holder Supply List:

  • Acrylic Pencil Organizer
  • Acrylic Make-up Tray
    • Model Magic air dry clay – Here is my Amazon reference link for the Model Magic
    • Silicone Make-up Mold – Here is my Amazon reference link if you want the same molds I used.
    • Gems
    • Plastic Embellishments – Here is my Amazon reference link if you want the same charms I used.
    • Polymer Clay Shapes
    • Glitter Glue
    • Paint
    • E6000 – Here is my Amazon reference link E6000
  • Acrylic Regular Tray

DIY Acrylic Organizer – Pencil Holder

This turned out so cute!! To make the organizer, the first thing to do is to grab the silicone fairy mold and the air dry clay. Tear the clay and tear it and squish it to condition the clay. Next, take a small amount of the clay and press it into the silicone mold. Then, gently remove the clay from the mold. If the clay is too soft, then put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to harden the clay a little bit before removing the clay. Lay the clay flat to dry it for approximately 1-3 days. Next, paint both sides of the clay shape. I chose to put a clear coat on the clay after the paint was dry, in order for it to have a shiny look. Then, use the E600 glue to adhere the clay to the acrylic holder.

It’s time to add the embellishments to the DIY Acrylic Organizer! After you have glued on the clay pieces to the organizer, add the butterfly gems, regular gems and butterfly sequins. The DIY acrylic organizer turns out so cute!

DIY Acrylic Organizer – Make-up Tray and Regular Tray

The make-up tray and regular tray are very similar to decorate. On the make-up tray, make-up themed silicone molded shapes were used. Make them the exact same way the fairy themed shapes were made. Creating the shapes and painting both sides of the shape. Then, add the fun embellishments to the trays. Use the E600 glue to adhere everything to the trays. On the back side of the make-up tray, I put on a coat of glitter glue.

This craft project can be used with just about any acrylic organizer. It adds so much to the piece. It is definitely worth trying.

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