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Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft is a new way that I have been creating painting crafts for the birthday parties that I do at my Ice Cream Shop. I was trying to think of a way to add dimension to a flat painting. Originally, I started with adding the cardstock piece on the front. Then, I moved to using silicone molds with hot glue and adding the fun shapes to the artwork. Now, I have also tried using air dry clay with silicone molds and adding them to the canvas. I absolutely love the results!!

Materials needed for Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft.

Materials List

  • 8×10 Canvas
  • Drawing of a pirate ship – I have attached my ship if you want to use it. My son drew it for me.
  • Silicone Mold for a Pirate – Here is my Amazon referral link for the silicone mold
  • Silicone Mold for a Fish – Here is my Amazon referral link for the silicone mold
  • A Print out of the Sail and a piece of Chipboard
  • Model Magic air dry clay – Here is my Amazon referral link for the Model Magic
  • Craft Sticks
  • Black Marker
  • Carbon Sheet with Transfer Tool – Here is my Amazon referral link for the carbon paper
  • Acrylic Paints & Brushes
  • Hot Glue

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft, Getting the Image on the Canvas

Let’s start this project. First, print out the pirate ship drawing, or draw your own. Next is to get a canvas. An 8×10 was used, but any size will work. Just re-size the drawing to fit the canvas. There are a couple ways to get the drawing to your canvas. One way is to take the carbon paper and place it on the canvas. Then, put the drawing on the carbon paper and use the tracing tool to trace the drawing on the canvas.

Use carbon paper to trace the design on the canvas

Another way to put the drawing on the canvas, is to use a light box. I used this way to transfer the drawing onto my canvas. I place the drawing under the canvas, held the canvas over the light box and used a marker to trace the drawing.

Place image behind the canvas and use a light table and marker to trace the image onto the canvas.

Creating the Larger Sail

The Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft needed some added dimension. First, print the sail out on copy paper. Next, trim around the sail either on the line or around the line. I choose to go around the line. In order to make the sail a bit sturdier, I took a piece of chipboard and glued it to the back of it. Cardboard can be used too. Next, trim the craft sticks to fit on the back of the chipboard and glue them on. Then, glue the sail to the canvas. I used hot glue to adhere everything.

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft Dimensional Pieces

The first dimensional piece is the fish. Grab the silicone mold you want to use, as I stated, I used a fish. Then fill the mold with hot glue, let it cool down, then remove the shape. Use hot glue to adhere it to the canvas. When the fish is painted, it shows all the neat texture of the fish.

Silicone mold for the air dry clay.

For the air dry clay figure, you must also pick out a silicone mold you want to use. I chose the pirate. Next, take the air dry clay and condition it, meaning squish it and rip it to warm it up. Then, press the Model Magic air dry clay in the mold. You can gently remove the figure right away, or put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to firm it up so it is a bit easier to remove. The figure can be glued to the canvas right away or wait until it is dry. Your choice, but if you wait until it is dry, just make sure the clay is dried flat.

Add the Color!

Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft is ready to paint! Have fun and paint everything! I painted the background to my canvas so the kids at my ice cream shop’s birthday parties see that they can add color to the entire canvas.

Add color to your picture!

This craft project turns out so terrific. I am very pleased with it.

Kid's Pirate Ship Craft
Kid’s Pirate Ship Craft

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