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DIY Craft Make-Up Tray

DIY Craft Make-Up Tray

DIY Craft Make-Up Tray

To begin with, here is the story on this DIY craft make-up tray. Scrolling through the internet, I saw the silicone molds and just had to have them. However, I needed to come up with a something to do with them. So, I created my own make-up tray to hold the cute make-up shapes. This tray turned out really cute and was fun to create.

DIY Craft Make-Up Tray Supply List

At the end of this blog, I have a few items links if you want to use the same items I used in this craft.

  • Silicone Molds
  • Chipboard
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Large Sequins
  • Clear Gems
  • Model Magic Air Dry Clay
  • Paint or Markers
  • School Glue, Tacky Glue or Hot Glue
  • Glitter Glue
Supplies for DIY craft make-up tray

Make the Tray

Let’s start with creating the tray. Take a piece of chipboard. The one I used was 8.5×11 and .022″ thick. Next, use a tool that will make score marks on the chipboard. Looking them up on the internet, they are commonly called scoring boards. Score a line on each side of the paper 1.5″ in from the edge. When that is complete, try to fold the cardstock on the lines. Next, cut the corners of the cardstock starting at the corner and cutting a diagonal line towards the the score line. (see the pictures below for reference) This will allow you to make the tray shape.

At this point, you can either glue the corners together or trim the top edge in a wavy shape. It may make better sense to cut the shape first, but I glued mine together before trimming it. Hot glue is what I chose to use to glue the corners together. Next, trim a piece of aluminum foil to fit the inside of the tray and glue it down.

Now it’s time to paint the tray. I did a quick coat of paint on the tray. Almost a dry brush coating. I followed up with painting on a coat of glitter glue to give the tray a bit of sparkle. While the tray is drying, it is time to start on the clay shapes.

Creating the Clay Shapes

The first step in creating the clay shapes for the DIY Craft Make-Up Tray is to get the Model Magic and rip it up and squish it to condition the clay. After that is complete, tear off a small piece and put it in the silicone mold. Make sure there is not too much clay in the mold. Next, take the clay shape out of the mold carefully. If the shape squished too much, a trick you can try is to place the mold in the freezer for a little bit to firm up the clay. Continue to make as many shapes as you want displayed in your tray.

Clay shapes from the silicone molds

Design and Paint your DIY Craft Make-Up Tray

The next step is to decide where you want your clay pieces to be in your tray. Take your time and decide placement. Another option, is to take small pieces of clay and roll them into balls and place them in a shape of a necklace. Remember that you can also add some embellishments too to the tray too, like the large sequins and the clear gems. Glue the clay pieces down with any of the glues mentioned above. Hot glue, school glue or tacky glue.

The clay does not have to be dry to add the color it. You can use paints or markers to color it.

Lay out the clay pieces how you want, glue down, paint and also add embellishments.

In conclusion, this craft turns out so cute. It is appropriate for many ages. The end result of the DIY Craft Make-Up Tray will vary by each crafter, and that is the fun part! I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did creating it.

DIY Clay Make-Up Tray

Here is a list of some of the items I used in this project, if you want to use the same items as I did:

Here is my Amazon referral link for the silicone molds

Here is my Amazon referral link for the chipboard

Here is my Amazon referral link for the Model Magic

Here is my Amazon referral link for the clear gems

Here is my Amazon referral link for the large sequins