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Clay Building Block Craft

Clay Building Block Craft

Clay building block craft

This clay building block craft is a fun way to use Model Magic air dry clay and silicone molds to create a fun picture. It’s a great craft to do with a group of kids of any age. Additionally, this craft utilizes fine motor skills and creativity of the crafter.

Clay Building Block Craft Supply List

  • 20# Red copy paper
  • Chipboard or cardboard
  • Model Magic Air Dry Clay
  • Silicone Building Block Mold
  • Paint or Markers
  • School Glue, Tacky Glue or Hot Glue
Supplies needed for clay building block craft: air dry clay, silicone mold, paper & chipboard

Let’s Begin!

The first step to make the clay building block craft is to take the chipboard and the red paper and glue them together. Then trim the top of the paper to look like a building block. I also trimmed the paper to approximately 6″ wide.

Next, take the Model Magic and condition it. Meaning, tear it and squish it to soften it up a little bit. Then, take a small amount of clay and press it in the silicone mold and carefully remove it. If it squishes too much when trying to remove it, put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to make the clay a bit firmer. Continue to make the clay peices until you have the number you want to complete the project.

Press the clay in the mold, take out and glue to the paper.

Add Some Color

It’s just bout time to paint or use markers on the clay building block craft. But first, lay out the clay shapes on the red paper to create the design you want. Be creative and make it look like a house, a building or a fun scene! Once you have the clay in place, then you glue them on. School glue, tacky glue or hot glue will work to adhere the shapes on. Please use supervision when using the hot glue.

The next step is to paint or use markers to color the shapes. There is no need to wait until the shapes are dry to add color. If you chose to wait until the clay is dry, that is ok too.

In this case, I used the silicone mold of the building block guy to make a clay shape. I suggest using a fine point sharpie to add on the eyes and mouth. It turns out great.

Use a sharpie to add a mouth and eyes

Adding Final Touches to the Clay Building Block Craft

Finally, decorate the background of the paper. Draw some lines or add accessories to the structure you created with the clay blocks. It will tie together the picture perfectly. I drew lines on this sample, but add a roof, trees or windows. This clay building block craft is a fun craft and will bring out the creativity of each crafter!

Clay Building Block Craft

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