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Clay Fish Aquarium Craft

Clay Fish Aquarium Craft

Clay fish aquarium craft

If you were looking for a fun craft to do with your kids and use Model Magic, this is the one for you. This clay fish aquarium craft utilizes Model Magic and silicone molds. It is also a great way to teach fine motor skills.

Clay Fish Aquarium Craft Items List

Here is a list of items that are needed for this craft. I will also put my Amazon referral list at the bottom of this page if you want to use some of items that I used in this craft.

  • Sheet of Blue 20# paper – can also be cardstock
  • Sheet of chipboard – or a piece of cardboard would work too
  • White Model Magic Air Dry Clay
  • Clear Gems
  • Silver Rocks – or fish tank rock
  • Paints or Markers
  • Adhesive – school glue, tacky glue or hot glue
  • Silicone fish themed molds
Items need for clay fish aquarium craft

Get Your Aquarium Ready

First, grab the chipboard and glue it to the blue piece of paper. The blue will be the front and look like the water and the chipboard is on the back to give the project a bit more stability. Then cut the top of the paper wavy to look like water. It is up to you if you want to do that.

Next is the fun part. Grab the Model Magic and you will need to condition the clay. That means that the clay needs to be pulled apart and squished and molded until it is a bit softer to work with. After this has been completed, it is time to tear off a piece of clay and press it in the mold. Press it in the mold so it fits perfectly. Then pull out the clay shape. If the clay is too hard to remove from the mold, then a trick is to put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes to firm it up a little bit. Keep making the shapes that you want for your aquarium. In this case, I even used part of a mold, not the whole thing, as you see below.

Using the silicone mold with the clay

Assemble the Clay Aquarium Fish Craft

The fun part is putting this craft together and creating the aquarium! Step one would be to glue the rock on the bottom of the page (tank). I used hot glue to glue on the rock. Also, the rock I used is silver rock that might have been used with decorating candles. I did not have actual fish tank rock on hand. So I suggest you use anything that looks like small rock. On my project, I added the rock last, but I recommend doing it first. Next it’s time to add the clay pieces. They can be added right away. No need to wait for them to dry. Just glue them on using the school glue, tacky glue or hot glue.

Layout the clay pieces where you would like them to be, then glue.

Add the Color!

Time to add color to the clay fish aquarium craft. Paint or use marker to add the color. Either choice is just fine. After that is complete, add the clear gems. Just glue them on, unless you have adhesive ones. They are used to look like bubbles. Finally, add extra paint lines in the background to give the picture some depth.

Clay Fish Aquarium Craft
Add paint or markers to color the clay

In conclusion , this craft is a great craft to do with one kid or many kids at once. Working with the clay and the molds is the funnest part of the project. It may be chance to work with materials that kids don’t normally work with. I hope you give this craft a try.

Clay fish aquarium craft

Here is a list of some of the items I used in the clay fish aquarium craft if you wish to use the items that I used.

Here is my Amazon referral link for the Model Magic

Here is my Amazon referral link for the silicone molds

Here is my Amazon referral link for the clear gems

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