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DIY Kid’s Cupcake Craft

DIY Kid’s Cupcake Craft

Kid’s Cupcake Craft

This DIY kid’s cupcake craft project which creates cupcakes and a cupcake stand are a really fun project to create with kids at a party, school or home. I have shown you some examples of how to decorate the “frosting”, but feel free to get creative and use different items or ideas that you have on hand.

Here are the templates that I created for this project.


Print my patterns out and trace them on the paper you wish to use. When I cut them out, I left the pattern lines visible on the cupcake stand and the cupcake liner. For the frosting, I cut out on the inside of the pattern lines so they were not visible. I chose to print my frosting pieces on ivory paper and for the cupcake liners, I used tan paper.

Next, I fan folded the cupcake liner on the lines that are on it. I flattened it a bit after folding it. This will help when it’s time to glue everything together.


It’s now time to decorate the frosting! The different items I used to decorate with are markers, sequins, polymer clay sprinkles, glitter glue, larger glitter, cotton batting, hot glue shapes and paint. However, feel free to decorate with any materials you have on hand.

The glitter glue is very easy to use. Just brush it on the frosting and let it dry. I did not color the paper first. 

There is one that has large sequins. I did not color that frosting first either. 

For the one with larger glitter shapes, I brushed on tacky glue, then sprinkled the glitter onto the glue. Tapped off the excess glitter. It is then in the top middle.

On the yellow frosting, I took a marker and just colored in the background. I took glue and made a couple glue lines, then sprinkled on some polymer clay sprinkles. In my picture of the items I used as toppings, I have two different polymer clay sprinkles. The smaller ones, I purchased from Amazon. The larger ones I made. I took polymer clay, used a clay extruder, then cut them up then baked them in an oven. Those larger sprinkles are on the pink frosting. In addition, the purple frosting has polymer clay shapes. They are so cute. I purchased them from amazon.


The pink and purple frostings have a couple more steps, but they are super cute. I first painted the frosting the color I wanted. Then, I fluffed the cotton a bit and made sure it will fit the frosting. I painted the cotton to match the color of the frosting. Let both dry a little bit. Glue the cotton to the frosting. I glued on the larger polymer clay pieces to the cotton to look like sprinkles. It looks really cute when completed.

One more interesting embellishment I added were hot glue pieces. I have a picture of the pink silicone mold that I used in the right side of toppings pictures above. It is an easy fun way to create a new embellishment. First, I took the mold, then added hot glue and waited for it to cool. Once it is cool, remove the glue piece from the mold. Then paint the glue molds. Two were used in this project. It may take a couple coats, but they turn out so neat. Next, I glued them to my frosting. I colored the frosting first with a marker then added the glue piece. In addition, I added some large sequins too.


Next step is to glue the frosting to the cupcake liners. If you are creating this with kids, regular school glue is fine, it will just take a bit for everything too dry. However, I used hot glue so I could complete the project quickly. After the cupcakes are assembled, it’s time to see how you want them displayed on the cupcake stand. Once you decide on placement, glue them on.  In addition, I decided to take a paint brush and dry brush on some pink paint on the plates of the cupcake stand. 

I really love how it turned out. This is DIY kid’s cupcake craft is a craft for all ages. With this in mind, just adjust some embellishments and glue. Some alternate ideas, are to just color everything, no gluing or add only paper cutouts as embellishments. Another option, is to use lightweight spackle for frosting to really make them look real! You choose, there are so many options!


Links to some of the items that used in the craft:

Here is my Amazon referral link to the polymer clay slime charms – nail art

Here is my Amazon referral link to the silicone mold

Polymer clay sprinkles